Cruel Consequences: Portraits of Misguided Law is a portrait exhibit which is bringing awareness to how collateral consequences of marijuana conviction are ruining lives in the U.S. Please reach out to friends, family, other marijuana law reform supporters to help us find compelling stories that show the cruelty of the collateral consequences from criminal enforcement of marijuana prohibition.

 Native American tribes can make their own law, like making marijuana illegal for those in the tribe even when a state like Nevada has both legal adult use and medical marijuana. This is Joe and Ryanna. Joe is part of the Walker River Paiute tribe, but his wife Ryanna, a Nevada medical marijuana patient, is not in the tribe. In 2016, she was acting fully within Nevada law when she was cultivating marijuana plants. Law enforcement made a retaliatory move and charged Joe for her plants and seized Ryanna’s costly grow equipment.

In Nevada, where there is both legal adult use and medical marijuana, Jeff, a Navy veteran and medical marijuana patient, passed all the sobriety tests given. Police testified in court he was not impaired. Still he was convicted of DUI because of per se laws not based on science. If you have questions about how your state handles these ‘per se’ driving laws or any other questions marijuana law reform related, go to for answers.


Harry served 10 years in prison because of a marijuana conviction. His cell mate served less time for shooting a man multiple times. Should sentences for marijuana be longer than violent crimes?

Brooke wanted to help his father who has bladder cancer with medical cannabis.

“I was sitting on the side of the road in handcuffs, my father’s medicine was on the hood of the patrol car…”

“…We were kids and I guess this is what kids do. He knew I was not a dealer, but I guess he was convinced if he said I was selling, then it would be better for him…”


Michael is a permanently disabled U.S. Navy veteran who needs medical cannabis for chronic issues after his kidney transplant. He has been denied college loans and employment from a cannabis conviction while trying to obtain medicine.

Tyrone and his family have been denied housing because of marijuana charges.

“Being away from my children at that time shattered me…” Edward has had custody of his children taken away because of a Child Protective Services policy regardless if there is any sign of abuse or neglect.